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Health in a blend (Vegan Smoothies Recipes)

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Smoothies! They have been my lifesaver since the time I discovered them. Be it breakfast/ lunch/ dinner or snacks, meals never been the same again. These delicious, super yummy, chilled bowls of nutritional abundance can squeeze into whatever your fitness goals may be.

With this eBook, I wish to combine the benefits of Indian herbs and spices with the goodness of fresh fruits. We underestimate the nutritional benefits of herbs so much and ignore the role of fruits in keeping us healthy.

Most of our cravings for junk food arise from the lack of micronutrients in the body. For example, if you crave chocolates, you are probably low in magnesium and by fixing your magnesium intake your cravings will subside. Most people fall victim to cravings and use all their willpower to cut them down when on a fitness program. Quick- fix: have fruits! Naturally high in micronutrients.

The truth is that a fit active body should come naturally to you and you should not force yourself to eat right. I challenge you, make at least one of these smoothies a part of your breakfast and you will feel your cravings automatically drop. You should choose an apple over French fries not because you ‘have to’ but because you ‘want to’.

What to expect

- Your definition of a healthy breakfast will change.

- 20 delicious recipes to choose from.

- The e-book is divided into 4 subcategories.

  • * High- protein smoothies.
  • * Immunity Booster.
  • * Insomnia Cure.
  • * Smoothies for great skin.

- Take up the smoothie challenge and win a chance to train with me!