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Roshni Sanghvi  Fat loss Clients
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I love meeting and interacting with big groups! I, in fact, started my career taking group exercise classes by the name Dynamo6 that I personally designed. There is something about group energy that makes me excited to give my 200%.

I am a certified Bodyshred and Animal Flow instructor and love taking group classes. My team and I have done so in corporate offices, collages and fitness studios.

There are three kinds of corporate programs I currently offer:

  • BodyShred class: 30- minutes of a sweat fest for all fitness groups! You really don’t even have to get out of your formal clothes to do this but trust me you might to shower later ;). It’s a 30- minute class to boost the happy hormones and make you forget about work. Stress? You won't know what that even means post the session. I always end my BodyShred classes with 11minutes of non- doing taking you from a state of peak euphoria to speak silence. Most people LOVE this part of the session and wake up feeling rejuvenated, leaving behind whatever negative thoughts have been bothering them.
  • Cooking demonstration: Oil-free cooking? Healthy snacking? Raw cooking? Whatever is on your mind, let’s do it! Since this is a customized and tailor-made program, contact us via email for more information.
  • Cooking demonstration+ workshop: I personally like this one since members take back more than just delicious recipes. When you know the ‘why’ you should eat a certain way, you are more likely to eat the right way. Having taken multiple workshops across the country on topics such as ‘Reversing diabetes’, ‘Animal Flow’, ‘Proteins on a plant-based diet’, ‘Calorie counting vs. intuitive eating’, ‘Fat- loss on a plant-based diet’ etc, I have a grasp on the subject. Mail us for a complete list of workshops and seminars we can take that suit your audience. This, of course, is accompanied by a cooking demo and tasting at the end. 


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I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.