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Bodyweight Bootcamp 2.0.

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Bodyweight Bootcamp 1.0 was launched March of 2020 and after successfully working with 100 plus people, Bodyweight Bootcamp 2.0 is finally here! Having an 80% retention ratio, the transformers who joined the first batch and are still part of the family are stronger than ever before. Considering their current fitness level, it would not be fair to add newcomers to the same batch.

Thus launched Bodyweight bootcamp 2.0! This batch is lead by Afrid, while still overlooked by Roshni Sanghvi. The batch is specifically for new comers and now a minimum requirement to join Bodyweight Bootcamp 1.0. Afrid is a strength and conditioning coach himself and has been trained by Roshni so you continue to experience the unsurpassed training quality as expected in any of the RS programs. 

Just like BB 1.0, The bootcamp itself is divided into four parts:

  • Fitness

The exercises selected specifically for this program are for beginners. It is a completely bodyweight based program, so you will not need any form of equipments except a yoga mat or a big towel. 

The focus is on increasing joint mobility and range of motion. It is more about building muscle memory and picking up verbal training cue's. Classes are filled with games and interaction to keep you hooked.

The point of this bootcamp is to feel better and improve your posture and gait. We will use techniques from different forms of fitness such as Sports conditioningAnimal Flow, Agility training, Metabolic conditioning and SnC to strengthen spinal mobility and improve join function. We will start very slow and build our way up together as we progress. 

The live session will be held mornings (6.30 AM IST) and evenings (7.00 PM IST). If the time slot does not match you, do not worry, as long as you request before hand, a link to our session will be mailed for you to practice at your convenient time. 

  • Nutrition

Nutrition is 80% of a fit lifestyle and often get's side tracked to fitness. Besides a generic nutrition plan, regular recipes will be uploaded on the fitness app. We will be introducing you to 100% plant- based eating all the wonderful benefits it has to offer. 

Unlike the personalised plans, the focus here is not to follow a 'diet chart', but rather to have enough knowledge in your hand to customise your own meal plan. 

How is a nutrition plan different from a diet plan? Let us give you an example, a diet plan will say to have one cup rice and one cup daal for lunch, but a nutrition plan will say to have one type of grain and one type of lentil for lunch. Now you choose your grain and lentil. It could be roti (grain being wheat) and stir fry mung beans (lentils) or Ragi balls and sambhar or even daal- chawal. Choose what you like the best so it is a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet. 

How is this better? Well a healthy body is also intuitive in nature. Your intuition should tell you what to eat and when to stop. We often mask these signals with technology (like watching TV while eating) or lack of nutrients (leading to junk food cravings). This masking of signals leads of obesity. Your body wants to be healthy, just remove the masks and you will see how quickly it springs back to health. No scale should tell us how much to eat or what to eat. which comes to our third part.

  • Lifestyle modification

We all have gone on 'fat loss programs' only to fall of the wagon and gain more weight later. The only true way to sustain a transformation is via lifestyle modification. 

Lifestyle modification simply means making small and sustainable lifestyle changes a permanent part of you. For example, starting your day with a common kitchen herb that is naturally a gentle laxative like mint leaves. This will wake up your digestive system and keep your colon healthy. Your gut is where 80% of diseases arise and it is very important to keep the good gut bacteria growing. Greens like mint leaves are also loaded with fiber which acts as a natural appetite suppressants. Making sure you naturally feel fuller and consume only enough calories during the day. 

In this program we will challenge ourselves to making two small lifestyle changes per week and stick with them. Aiming for two is simple and does not put an additional load on our day. As we get comfortable with them at the end of the week, we will add two more and so on. By the time you finish the program, you will have adopted 8 new, healthy habits comfortably fit into your daily lifestyle.

What if you slip and fail, don't worry! An entire team of people just like you are here to motivate you back up! In no time, you will be back on track. It is not about how many times you fall, but how quickly you get up after every fall.  

  • Meditation

Mental health is much more important than physical health. Ever noticed how when you listen to negative information online, your digestion, sleep and mood gets affected? Even if the negative news will not affect you personally. We carry around external stimuli we take in from the environment with us and do not realise how much it affects our physical health.

Just like we train our physical muscles for a few hours per day, it is important to train our mind to drop or reduce the thought traffic in our head for a few minutes per day. And like with our body, you don't have to carry around the dumbells in your hand all day long to maintain your muscle mass, once you train it, it stays. Once you quieten the though traffic in your mind for a few minutes per day, you carry that state of mind in everything else you do through the day. Suddenly, you experience a clarity in your thinking, leading to better decision making. Just by including a few minutes of meditation daily, you attract universal energy and grow healthier, wealthier and happier.  

Through the bodyweight bootcamp, meditation is a part of your daily practice. Every session will end with a few minutes of non- doing to quiet the mind and the though traffic in your mind. We make meditation a habit- just like brushing your teeth. 

What to expect from the program?

  1. Exercise routine to keep you challenged and excited.
  2. Lifestyle modification tips sent every week.
  3. Improvement in your cholesterol levels.
  4. Improvement in the waist/ hip ratio.
  5. Develop a healthy eating schedule.
  6. Improved immunity and recovery.
  7. Better posture and joint mobility.
  8. Improvement in energy levels.
  9. Improved digestive health.
  10. Detailed nutrition plan.
  11. Better sleep.
  12. A community of like minded people to guide you forever.


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