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Write For Us

We do accept sponsored guest post related to 

  1. Nutrition
  2. Veganism
  3. Health
  4. Wellness 
  5. Sports.

We have a very high standard of accepting guest posts and if you are looking to post any content which either spun or repurposed, it will be rejected immediately.

Here are some of the guideline for writing for us.

  • Must be over 1200+ words.
  • Must be in depth about the topic with proper H1, H2 etc.
  • Must contain topical relevant link to your site.
  • Short paragraphs and should be readable.
  • Must be grade 9+ in hemming way tool and grammarly approved.
  • We hold the right to change information inside the blog if its not factually correct.
  • Must not promote non veg diet, dairy products or any kind of harmful supplements.

If you think you have a blog like that, please send it forward the same on 

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