More Than Just A "Diet Plan"

This is not just a 'diet plan' or 'meal plan'. It's much more than that. It's an educational plan which not only teaches you how to eat mindfully but also how to transform once and stay the same way forever. 

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Discover everything you need to know to transform your life once and for all:

  • Learn the truth about calorie intake and the secret to consuming the desired amount your body needs without counting or restricting calories.
  • Master the lost art of moderation when it comes to cheat meals.
  • Dominate how to incorporate long-term changes in your life with a secret habit hack.
  • Uncover the secret to enjoy your travel and vacation days without compromising your weight and diet.
  • Find out the little-known home-cooked meals that will enable you to lose fat, put on muscle and take you one step closer to your lifestyle goal.
  • Personalize your meals based on your lifestyle and dietary restrictions while guaranteeing the perfect balance of micro and macro nutrition.
  • Realize your body’s fullest potential and reverse the symptoms of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, PCOS and thyroid.

Our clients love us

Roshni has been training our entire family for close to a decade now! I had a heart condition where doctors told me not even to climb a flight of stairs and with Roshni's nutrition and fitness plan, I can proudly say I have finished a 100 km walkathon, reversed pre-diabetes, and dropped bodyweight. With every passing year, Roshni helps me set a new fitness goal and achieve a new level of fitness. Truly transformational. 

― Bala 

When I was told I did not have to count calories and still would lose weight, I did not believe it honestly. But I am so glad to have trusted in Roshni through my wellness journey! I am nearing my 60's now and feel no older than 30. I work for 10- 12 hours per day, standing for most of it, and have no metabolic symptoms or diseases. I feel blessed!

― Archana 

Being a vegetarian all my life, I never thought I could gain muscle mass without eating eggs and meat. And it was against my religion so I never wanted to. I was also doing a lot of high-volume training at the gym with a lack of knowledge about the right program to gain muscle mass. Roshni changed everything about the way I use to eat, train and even sleep! She changes my lifestyle and with her scientific approach, I look like a different person in just three months. I have never touched animal protein for my body and I am proud of it. 

―Kapil M 

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