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Vegan Nutrition + Workout Plan

Rs. 10,000.00

This is the one package I insist on people taking! It gives me full control to help you get the best results. This is basically all in one. Read up about the Nutritional program and the Fitness program and combine both of them!

Nutrition is about 80% of your results and fitness about 20%. When clients follow my nutrition plan but ignore the fitness part or workout by themselves, it might become difficult to find a middle ground and here is why. I customise your meal plan knowing approximately how many calories you will burn during your workout sessions since I design your workout sessions also in this plan. If you over train, naturally your body needs more food and thus your cravings will be more, increasing your chances of eating junk. If you under train, you are not burning as many calories or not challenging your muscle fibres enough and won't get the results you want. Thus, giving me full control to customise what goes in your body and how intense you workout at the gym assures results.

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