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These are digital workshops. If you cannot make it to the live workshop, the link to watch the recording will be shared. 

Meal prep like a pro

I have always been passionate about making food taste delicious. Eating healthy does not have to come at a compromise to taste.

The big problem of today's generation though is finding the time to cook healthy food. Most of us intend to eat right but lack the time to cook food. Thus, our first workshop is focused around meal prep idea's to make things easy for you.

You will learn techniques to prep over the weekend with minimal hassle and eat healthy all week long. 

I will also share my personal tricks to preparing your weekly grocery list and key things to look out for during grocery shopping. 

Recipes covered:

  • Salad dressing
  • Vegan cheese
  • Creamy take away salad jars
  • Three step quick pizza prep
  • Leafy green cubes
  • Ready to eat soup cubes
  • Overnight grab- and- go oatmeal jars

    A Vegan Christmas

    Tis' the season of celebration and what's celebration without a little bit of sugar?

    This workshop focuses of vegan desserts themed around Christmas. Let's bring those Christmas spices out and cook up something delicious! We will cover:

    - Peppermint hot chocolate with vegan marshmallow.
    - Vegan eggnog with seedlip spice spirit.
    - Mulled cider. 
    - Rum fruit cake.
    - Vegan Christmas pudding. 
    - Mushroom wellington served with roasted vegetables.
    - Ginger cookies.

    Though the focus on all our cooking workshops is healthy alternatives, the ingredients for this workshop are really a blend of naughty and nice. Just like how festivals should be. All in all, it's still Vegan and guild- free, well... err... mostly guilt free ;). 

    We will be demonstrating three dessert recipes, two Christmas themed drinks and our traditional spice and rum Christmas cake. 

    Oil- free Indian cuisine

    Daal Makhani without makhan. Can you even imagine ;) The first time I tried this, I was stunned by how delicious it tasted. once you try oil- free cooking, trust me, you will not go back.

    In this workshop, we will explore different techniques to use to make your food healthier and yet taste the same. 

    We will also explore a variety of Indian curries, flavoured rice and even one dessert. All the recipes demonstrated here are 100% oil- free and yet so tasty. 

    The when's and where's?.

    • Meal prep like a pro: 17th Nov, 8.00 pm IST
    • A Vegan Christmas: 20th Dec, 6.00 pm IST
    • Oil- free Indian Cuisine: 22nd Jan, 9 am IST

    For those who sign up, but cannot make it to the session, please request a recording of the same. 

    Recipes are curated and demonstrated by Daksha Hubli. The workshop will be led by Roshni and Daksha. 

    Bonus QnA to be held by Roshni Sanghvi after the workshop. 

    FREE FOR EXISTING CLIENTS (Contact a team member to help you sign up)!

    All the recipes demonstrated will be 100% plant- based (dairy and meat free).