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High Protein Vegan Quinoa and Oats Recipe

Posted on December 16 2019

High Protein Vegan Breakfast

Vegan‬ and ‪‎gluten‬ free Quinoa- Oats bites!

These are quick take away breakfast bites that I made!
If your work schedule does not allow a lot of cooking time, bake these once a week and store them for upto 15 days… Quinoa (complete source of vegan protein) and GF oats is an excellent combination to start your day with… I used jaggery and peanut butter to hold the ingredients together..

Mix quinoa/ oats/ sunflower and pumpkin seeds/ cinnamon/ pink salt/ dried raisins/ almonds all in together… Heat peanut butter and jaggery separately and mix with the rest once boiling… Then bake at 250 for about 25-30 minutes 


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