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Top 5 tips to help you give up on tea/ coffee.

Posted on December 16 2019

Whether your reason is because you want to go vegan and give up dairy milk or caffeine causing side effects, overcoming tea/ coffee addiction can be hard. Caffeine is addictive and if you have been having it for years, it is not easy giving up overnight.

Understanding how it can be harmful might help you get started, but you might soon lose the motivation. So here are some tips to help you give it up for good.

Firstly lets just discuss some of the side- effects of caffeine. It interferes with digestion, causes bloating, linked to causing acne, linked to insomnia, increases the hormone cortisol (linked with belly fat), suppresses hunger (thus you tend to binge eat when you eat) and so much more! Lets just jump into how we can fix this issue now shall we:

  1. You will only give us coffee/ tea when you have a better option instead of that. So don’t look at this as ‘giving up’ but instead think of this as replacing it with a better option. A banana- date smoothie (2 medium banana’s+ 2-3 pitted dates+ almond mylk) instead of coffee is a great option and tastes even better! Ok fine, this only works if you are home and have access to a kitchen. But have you tried my energy bars (click here for recipe) . Make these once a week and keep them at your office desk for easy access. They are yumm and a much healthier option to tea/ coffee. Basically eat instead of drink. A fruit like banana is also a good option.
  2. Do not try to give it all up overnight. Trust me it is hard! Play mind games with yourself. Like you will not have tea/ coffee on days that start with a T! Or you will only have it if you make it for yourself instead of having someone make it for you. You get the point. This way you are testing your will power while also giving up a habit you should get rid of. Of course there will be rainy days with pakodas and soy chai or like Starbucks and long drives and is ok! Hey YOLO ;). The idea is no get rid of the addiction and feel free to have it when YOU decide not your body demands.
  3. Prepare for detox symptoms. If you have been having caffeine for a long time and your body is depended on it, you will have initial detox symptoms like headaches, nausea, laziness, frustration etc. Mentally be ready for these so you do not crave in. Not mentally being ready will mean you will give in to the habit once again even before you have had a chance to give it up. Maybe start with giving it up only on the weekends when you are home and can divert your mind with family time or go in for a head massage. Try it on days at the office when the work load is the least and build up from there. Trust me, after a few weeks of, you will not crave or miss it anymore. Just don’t make too many changes at once. Go slow and steady.
  4. Detox tea’s- Note: No tea leaves are used in making these! Herbal infusions like cinnamon sticks in hot water, clove and jagery mixed in hot water is a great option for two reasons! Its hot so feels like you are having tea/ coffee, and it will help you with detox symptoms such as headache’s. There are hundred’s of herbal tea combinations on the world wide web! Look up and try a few or get creative and make your own. At office, ask for hot water and mix herbs! Carrying a herb stash in your bag is the in thing now 
  5. Don’t go on week long caffeine detox breaks only to get back on it. This does no good to the body and will only leave your cravings more knowing you have to give it up only temporarily. You want to make a lifestyle change and not go on another ‘diet’. Think of giving up coffee/ tea as a positive lifestyle change. Most of us drink endless cups without even thinking the amount of saturated fat (from milk) and sugar we are consuming because we are so used to it. Let your progress be slow but permanent. Never go on temporary ‘diet’ changes to achieve the permanent results you want with your body!

Do mail me with specific questions on if you have any.


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