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Tofu veggie stir fry - Plant Based Protien Recipe

Posted on December 16 2019

Plant Based Protein Recipe

Made Tofu veggie stir fry for dinner few days back!

Benefits of tofu…

-studies with soy have proven that it acts as an anti aging due to the presence of the photochemical isoflavone in it. This biologically active compound also helps with balancing the estrogen levels in the body.

-tofu contains good amount of protein with very low fat and calories (100grams tofu contains approx 8 grams protein with only 76 total calories and 1.9grams carbs!)
-I also added brocolli/ asparagus (natural diuretic) and a bunch of other veggies to overall make the dish high in protein.

—stir fry using natural spices like garlic/ spring onions/ ginger/ cinnamon etc for added flavor.


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