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Shape ’em legs!

Posted on December 16 2019

As a fitness expert I often get women/ girls coming upto me with trouble losing fat in their lower body. I have myself struggled with a lot of fat deposit on my adductors/ abductors (inner and outer thighs), and glutes (butt). Surprisingly though, losing weight in the lower body was not that very hard for me. When I did start working out religiously, I quickly started weight vanishing from my lower body and my legs also toning and shaping better. Here are a few tips that helped me, and may help you too!

First- Do not be scared of weight training! Lift, and lift heavy! No, even if you are a women, you will not develop “muscles”, in fact even men take a long time to do so, especially in the lower body. Sure cardio will help, but nothing like sqatting will! Yes I will post a video on my IG explaining good form in a day or two for you all to look at.

Second- Remember, spot fat reduction is impossible, however, spot toning is! So work with toning your muscle fibres and not on fat loss. Think muscle gains- ergo toning and fat will automatically go down. Legs weight training anyway burns maximum number of calories per session since its a major muscle group (one session I burnet close to 500 calories in just about 40 minutes- measured with a heart rate monitor). Thus, including leg- days more often will help you with over all fat loss. This means fat loss from your lower body too! I used to train legs three times per week whenI was in the transformation phase but have since picked up more strength and lift WAY heavier. Thus to allow for more recovery, I  train legs only two times a week and man thats intense!

Third- Understand Anatomy. Your legs are made up of multiple different muscle fibres. For your understanding however, lets just divide them into 4 major muscle groups- Quads (thigh), calfs, glutes (booty) and hamstrings. Now you can do two things, divide your leg days into three times per week and train only one major muscle group at a time (add calf all three days), or do everything everyday. If you want to tone one part more than the other however, I would divide different muscle groups on different days. If you want an overall fat loss, do everything on all three days.

I also always start my leg days with a 15 minutes inner and outer thigh workout (posting my full sample workout in the end of this post). I have struggled with never having well toned thigh’s and this really has helped me!

Fourth- Cardio for legs. By this I mean select your cardio activities that involves maximum use of muscle from your lower body. Plyometrics including box jumps are a fantastic idea!

For instance:

  • 1 min High Knee jog
  • 100 squat jumps
  • 50 step ups (anything higher than knee level)
  • 100 walking lunges
  • 50 weighed goblet squats
  • 3 min inclined walk

Repeat 2-3 rounds.

Include this for your cardio 1 time atleast every week. Also add in inclined treadmill walk or terrain walk on one other day. Lateral runs on the treadmill are also excellent! Plan your cardio such that when you are not doing legs, you are still doing some legs. Will you overtrain?- Well think about athletes who train 8-10 hours a day. Athletes eat well but?- Well think about farm labour who work 16 hours a day then! There is nothing such as over training. It is a mental block. Of course listen to your body signals and stop when you feel you need to, but do not worry about “over training”.

Five- Superset and giant set everything (superset is two exercises performed back to back and a giant set is three or more performed in a circuit without break)! Do not rest in between. Women especially have something called the Intramyocellular Triglyceride, that help with recovery in between sets faster. So really, you do not need much rest in between sets. Women here have another advantage over men ;). I do not take any rest periods in between my giant and supersets, and may take 30- 45 seconds after completing each cycle. Not even, just take enough rest to walk and take a sip of water.

Sample legs workout

Warm- up

1) Lateral runs on treadmill

  • 1 min left
  • 1 min right side

SUPERSET with side lunges (12 each side)                                                                                                 Perform 4-5 sets.

2) Back Squats

  • 2 sets of 12 reps
  • 2 sets of 10 reps
  • 2 sets of 8 reps
  • 1 set of 10
  • 1 set of 12

SUPERSET with Bulgarian Split Squat (15 each leg)

3) Front squats

  • 5 sets of 10 reps each

SUPERSET with goblet squats (2 sets of 12, 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 8- keep adding weights)

4) Single leg machine Hamstring Curls

  • 4 sets of 8 reps per leg (no rest in between since you keep switching leg)

5) Leg press finisher

  • 4 sets of 30 seconds each. Take a moderate weight and get in as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

6) Standing calf raise

  • 5 sets of 25 each sets

Superset with seated calf raise. Again 25 reps each set.

I know some terms maybe very confusing if you are not into fitness, thus follow my IG @roshnisanghvi for leg day videos all of this coming week. Will try and put in at least one video of each of the above workouts in the coming days.

Your health goals maybe different, and you might need a plan tailor made for yourself, visit my webpage for my custom made plans and packages.

Do try this and comment below with your experience! Like/ share and subscribe to my webpage/ blog site to see more of me!


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