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Breakfast like a champion

Posted on December 16 2019

If you cannot fall asleep just because you are so excited to wake up to breakfast, well you might not be having enough carbs for dinner ;). But I would be lying if I say this has never happened to me. Especially since I have discovered smoothie bowls! I LOVE breakfasts especially because mostly its one of the only meals my entire family sits together to have and talks about everything not related to work. Also I make the most amazing smoothie bowls! I have never gone back to regular toast- orange juice kinda breakfast since discovering these smoothie bowls! Not only are they super tasty, but nutritious, filling and very easy to make. Its like having an ice cream for breakfast everyday.

But first, what to and not to include for this very important meal of the day!

How many times have I asked new clients to go over what their normal diet looks like and they start with cereal and milk as their first meal! I stop them right there and tell them to just change that and see the weight go down. I was recently having a conversation with someone about how packed food introduces processed sugar into our system so early in to our system. Baby food/ cereals/ soda’s/ juices/ health bars/ to-go yogurts are all loaded with sugar and labelled and sold “fat- free”! You can literally sell a bag of sugar and lable it “no cholesterol”, “free of trans fat”, “tasty and healthy”, “energy giving” granules. What we all also don’t realise is, sugar addiction is eight times worse than drug addiction! So you may be thinking that you are only taking in one teaspoon of sugar with your morning tea, but can almost be guaranteed that anything packed/ processed you have is loaded with sugar.

SO, processed sugar is a no- no for breakfast! How about artificial sweeteners then? Well the moment artificial sweeteners touch your tongue, hormones are released in your body that signal it to rise insulin thus preparing the body to digest and absorb sugar it thinks it will get. But since you are not actually taking in any sugar, there is nothing really to absorb and those hormones stay in your blood stream. Thus leaving you only with more cravings for sugar and sweet stuff.

How about sugar free indian breakfasts like poha/ upma/ etc… SURE! As long as you don’t dip them in oil’s and fat, its whole- food so go for it! Make sure to add in some proteins like mung/ kidney beans/ soy mylk/ nuts/ etc. A little bit of fat is good with breakfast since it helps lower the overall GI of the carbs you eat, but nothing more than 15- 20% of your total calories need come from fats.

So not for my smoothie bowl recipe!!!

First: Choose a base.

  • Quinoa (any colour)
  • Madhira
  • Oats
  • Puffed Amaranth
  • Even silken tofu blend in with mylk!

Second: Choose your mylk blend with fruit or mix plain.

  • Almond Mylk
  • Rice Mylk
  • Cashew Mylk
  • Soy Mylk
  • Event coconut water is great!
  • Or just plain water!

(PS: Make the mylk at home, really takes only 15 minutes!)

Third: Fruits and toppings!

  • Bananas!
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Shredded coconut
  • Hemp
  • Chia
  • Molasses
  • More fruits!

I also love to sprinkle in cinnamon/ cacao powder or even a scoop of flavored plant protein (Unived chocolate pea protein blends excellent) for some extra flavour. I avoid any additional sweeteners since the protein powder may have some sweetness but mostly fruits are more than enough!

Sure I love to indulge in some Idly’s/ Parathas once in a while but mostly I start my day with some morning cardio and a huge smoothie bowl that fills me till my afternoon snack!

The pictures attached with this article is a tofu- berry blend base smoothie bow I made a few days back and topped with caramelized banana’s/ walnuts/ more berries/ blackstrap molasses and seeds! The sugar coming from molasses is pretty much all the sugar I take in a day that comes from anything packed.


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