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How many eggs should you eat per day?

Posted on April 20 2022

How many eggs should you eat per day? | Roshni Sanghvi

Are eggs really as healthy as we think they are?

Let’s talk eggs:

Are eggs harmful for diabetics?

Yes, eggs can be extremely harmful for diabetics as they contain a high percentage of unsaturated fats and cholesterol. A fully grown adult requires about 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol that they can derive from different meals all through the day. A single egg alone provides an equivalent amount of dietary cholesterol, which in turn causes plaque to build up. This dietary cholesterol causes insulin resistance, increased blood sugar levels, and hypertension, which can aggravate a diabetic’s health.

Are eggs harmful to humans?

Yes, eggs are harmful to humans because not only do they contain high levels of unsaturated fats and cholesterol but also salmonella bacteria. This particular bacterium is found in the intestines of chickens and is extremely toxic.

Eggs also contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease owing to the dietary cholesterol present in them in high levels.

Are eggs bad for the heart?

Eggs are very bad for your heart because they cause plaque to build up in your arteries, and thus, clog the arteries. Egg yolks are a storehouse of bad (LDL) cholesterol that accumulates in the internal layers of the blood vessels. This plaque buildup prevents the free flow of your blood, thus leading to strokes and heart attacks.

Are eggs harmful to kidneys?

Yes, eggs are extremely harmful for the kidneys. This is because the yolk in the eggs is a concentrated source of phosphorus and choline, which is a trimethylamine N-oxide precursor. Both phosphorus and choline have potentially damaging effects on patients with chronic kidney disease.

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Even having as little as one egg per day is enough to expose you to the risk of prostate cancer. If there is one thing you should be dropping from your diet right now, it should be eggs.

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